Who are We

Anubis Studios is Greg Hallam, Andrew Boswell, and Simon Ng. We are Melbourne gamers with an interest in designing rules for wargames and roleplaying games.Andrew has written rpg supplements for Mongoose Publishing, Greg has designed a number of games for Eureka Miniatures. Simon has a keen interest in Japanese /Samurai history and wargaming. This blog is a means of making available various games and rules we’ve been designing for tabletop miniatures wargames and roleplaying games.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Most of our work has been, and continues to be geared for, Eureka Miniatures. Our design “philosophy” is to make intuitive rules that encourage players to use their imagination and to have fun . Unless otherwise stated, these works are free to download for personal use. Have a look at the Creative Commons license.

Feel free to  email us at anubisstudios@gmail.com


Greg Hallam is a dynamic young firebrand and unparalled Knowledge Management professional. Others call him a librarian.  He is convinced  that the movies One Million Years BC and  Jurassic Park are actually  documentaries.  If you disagree, email him at thediceroll@gmail.com .

Andrew Boswell is a shiftless layabout and a talentless hack who only manages to remain one step ahead of his creditors by frequently changing his species. He has written for Australian Realms, Melbourne’s Child, Sydney’s Child, Brisbane’s Child, Mongoose Publishing, and Hekaforge Publishing, and of course Eureka Miniatures. Not that any of that adds up to a pinch of anything when it comes to calculating income at tax time. Should you feel like torturing yourself with knowing the latest nonsense that is going through his middle-aged though juvenile mind, check out his own blog at: http://shichitenhakki.wordpress.com/ Or, if you feel the need to abuse him personally, email to Bozzie99@gmail.com


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