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Radioactive Press presents: The Swarm

May 16, 2010

The Swarm is a turn based combat game for two or more players set in a world where hordes of animals, troops, and even sinister toys lay siege to cities around the world.The game allows players to create and control one of several different types of swarms, from beasts to vehicles and everything in between. The Swarm gives players complete control over the creation of their swarm. Players can create an existing swarm from popular media or one from their own imagination. The possibilities are endless. The object of the game is to destroy the opposing swarm and lay claim to the city. The Swarm is a standalone game that can also be used as an expansion for any other Toy Battle System game. Other Toy Battle System releases include Giant Monster Rampage 3rd edition, Mega Bots, and Power Warriors.

You can purchase the PDF version from our PDF store, RPGNow, or Wargame Vault.


Rattrap Productions and Granton City Press team Up

May 14, 2010

The heroes and villains who populate the world of Granton City Press will soon be population a new table top miniatures game.

An agreement has been reached with Rattrap Productions LLC to bring the Granton City world to the games table with the fall release of ‘While the City Sleeps: A Game of Heroic Action in Granton City’.

The cover art seen here is by Sean Kasper, colored by Gil Murillo.

“When approached about incorporating the diverse characters from Granton City Press into a table top miniatures game, I thought it was a great idea,” said Richard A. Johnson the man behind Rattrap Productions LLC. “Initially we tossed around the idea of incorporating the characters into one of our existing games but came to realize there was enough unique and interesting new character in Granton City to support a new game themselves.”

Johnson said he had been working on a new game, and it turned out to be a perfect vehicle for characters such as The Black Wolf, The Starling, Ghost Wind and Churchill: Alien Bounty Hunter.

Calvin Daniels, creator of Granton City Press said having a miniature game coming out to support the books of Granton City Press is amazing.

“I’ve played a lot of miniature games myself, so it will be a major thrill to sit down and play a game based on a world I and a number of dedicated co-writers have created over the past several months in our novels,” he said. Daniels said he had interest from other parties to work on a game, but was excited to work with Rattrap based on their half decade of experience in the miniature games sector, their dedication to pulp-era gaming, and the willingness of Richard Johnson to allow lots of input into While the City Sleeps.

The new game will be an ideal place for the soon to be released Black Wolf miniature from Zombiesmith Miniatures. Watch for more news on the miniature front in the weeks ahead. Granton City Press expects to have The Black Wolf #1: Metal Monsters of Doom out in April. Black Wolf #2, and spin-off titles Unit 13, Ghost Win and Churchill: Alien Bounty Hunter follow in the fall, with a release expected to coincide closely with Rattrap’s release of While the City Sleeps.

You can follow the game’s progress at as well as at; or;


WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II’ Wins Top Honors at RPC Bellevue, WA , April 30, 2010

May 12, 2010

Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II was voted best Table Top and Miniatures game product at RPC 2010 in Cologne, Germany April 18.

With tens of thousands of fans in attendance over two days, the RPC is Germany’s pre-eminent fantasy gaming event. WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II was chosen in an open vote by attendees out of five finalists in the tabletop category.

The RPC Fantasy Awards, which were open to all German translated products published in 2009 or in January or February 2010, was a first for RPC and spanned nearly every game genre, from miniatures games to RPGs to video games. The German translation of Prime Mk II was done by Privateer Press’ distribution partners Ulisses Spiel.

For more information on the award-winning WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II visit



May 11, 2010

Hell Dorado skirmish war-game acquired by Cipher Studios, LLC Longview, WA USA September 1st, 2009

– Cipher Studios, LLC., a miniature manufacturing company and producer of the highly successful Anima Tactics skirmish game, announced today that it has licensed the right to develop and produce the Hell Dorado miniature war-game from Asmodée Editions in France.

“We are very excited to license this amazing property from Asmodée Editions,” said Kai Nesbit, Owner and President of Cipher Studios. “We have followed this property since the launch and have been discussing the possibility with Asmodée of bringing the game to the English market well before the full license was available. The opportunity to develop and produce this game in French, English, and possibly other language markets opens the doors to continue the growth and expansion of this exciting universe. ”

“Cipher Studios will continue to collaborate with the original development team, including the writers, sculptors, and other creative talent. Consistency of the universe is very important to the growth of the game. We will take all other aspects of the development, such as game mechanics and manufacture of the figures in house,” says Kai Nesbit. “Hell Dorado is a perfect sister product to Anima Tactics as they are both small scale skirmish games and have similar product development and release styles while catering to different players. Our goal is to release the first wave of non-French product, including the rulebook, as quickly as possible while continuing to release new figures and content, on a limited basis, until the English release schedule is caught up with the French products.”

Cipher Studios has not announced a release schedule but expects to release the English rulebook and first wave of products by early next year.

About Hell Dorado

Hell Dorado is a skirmish war-game in which small war bands of around ten members clash in epic and bloody battle to conquer the most hostile territory imaginable, Hell itself.

About Cipher Studios, LLC.

Cipher Studios was formed in 2006 and launched their first product line, Anima Tactics, around Christmas of 2006. The highly anticipated 200-page full color rulebook for Anima Tactics will be available before Christmas this year. Cipher Studios also offers development and manufacturing solutions for several other miniature game companies including Hazgáard Editions metal miniatures, Darkson Designs miniatures, and the Fantasy Flight Games Descent metal figures.

To check out the French Hell Dorado web site go to