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Tor Gaming to develop wargame rules by consensus

August 2, 2010

It is an interesting experiment, and one that could work. It really could. From personal experience, both at work and at play, I have found that you can create something that is greater than the sum of its parts when you have intelligent, like-minded people working together. But there is the trick, isn’t it? Because it always comes down to ego. When you have ill-informed clowns who feel the need to be heard you can just end up with a camel – a horse designed by a committee.

So this is a great experiment in collaborative authoring, because it will tell us whether the internet community is mature and informed enough to play along and get things done. I wish them the very best of luck and look forward to seeing the result. 

As a side note: how creepy are these Britanans, based on (I suspect) the disturbing movie, 9?