Miniatures Rules


Teddies of the Caribbean

Teddies of the Caribbean: Hunt for the Golden Honeypot was run at Little Wars Melbourne 2009 for Eureka Miniatures.   

Thirty Years War files

White Mountain

Rules for hex and block wargames in the Thirty Years War. This uses the now standard Battlecry/Memoir 44/ Commands & Colors sized hex board.

White Mountain QRG

Quick Reference Guide for White Mountain.

whmntcs1 whmntcs2 whmntcs3 whmntcs4 whmntcs5 whmntcs6 whmntcs7

These counter sheets for White Mountain are scaled for blocks of the Commands & Colors size. Print them on adhesive paper, cut them out and create your own big battle forces for the Thirty Years War, Eighty years War and English Civil War.


Card list for White Mountain. We spaced these out on a page and printed them on adhesive paper, then stuck them down on a cheap set of ordinary playing cards. You can, of course, select some snazzy art and print them on card and cut that out.


Crimson Cutlass

Watch this space for these upcoming Pirate skirmish rules which are inspired by And One For All.  Will be suitable for 28mm & 40mm.

That Samurai Wargame Rules

A set of deterministic rules for playing battles using blocks and cards in medieval Japan. My protest agains randomness.

 CAST OF THOUSANDS 2008ancient-battle-4.jpg

This is a unique, simple dice mechanic and set of rules that you can use for cinematic wargaming in any genre, and has applications in many other games. We guarantee you have not seen this ANYWHERE else.  Honest. It is the basis of the upcoming Pax Limpopo Rules we have
developed for Eureka Miniatures.


An example of an application of Cast of Thousands. For use with Eureka Miniatures’s Toytown range – or any other toy figures!

AND ONE FOR ALLfourmusketeers03.jpg

Designed as swashbuckling skirmish rules for Eureka Miniatures 40mm Three Musketeers range. They are fast, fun, suitable for 5-10 figures a side.

Supplement 1

Extra rules and variants for more swashbuckling!

The Capture of Constance

A “mini-campaign” of three linked scenarios for And One For All, playable in an evening


Skirmishes in the age of Pike & Shot for approximately 6 or so figures a side. A development of And One For All, the rules are easily adapted to any genre or setting.


  1. Looking forward to more “And One For All” supplements, ideas and rules.

  2. How about a “clockwork fantasy ” version based on And one for all and the forthcoming cimson cutlass ?
    (or escarmouche )

    Something in the vein of flying dutchman or the real science-fiction writtings of Cyrano de Bergerac … It could be fun having weird science and gizmo for the period just right out the box 😀

  3. Funny you should mention this. Greg and I were discussing, not that long ago, what a (sci-fi) fantasy based in the late Renaissance would look like. It’s a niche interest, even though WarHammer is a similar idea. Our period is later, set at the dawn of the Age of Reason, of course.

    It is an age when faith still drives everything – there is no such thing as an atheist. The differentiator is the faith. The plague still stalks the land. Apocalyptic wars ravage the land. I’m seeing a strong emphasis on necromancy and magic based in spiritualism – say aerial chariots drawn by angels.

    In Japan the civil wars are coming to an end and the Samurai as a noble warrior is hitting his most romantic. In China the Ming are consolidating. The New World is being exploited by the over-extended superpower of Spain. The heretic trouble-makers have been expelled from England and sent to colonise the Americas.

    It’s a great period. Thanks for drawing it to the top of my mind again.

  4. As a matter of fact ,I wasn’t using the “fantasy ” mention to refer to ork, goblins and such , even if that too might be nice , a kind of warhamerish setting 1 or 200 years later .

    It was more about actual siencefictions that were written in the 17th century by people living at that time . Both flying dutchman author and cyrano of bergerac (as writter) played on what was then though as being possible by science of their time . And it lead the real historical cyrano to imagine the conquest of the kingdoms and empires of the moon then the ones of the sun wich he describe as livable .

    Both offer a niche setting , near pulp or burrough colonial mars with a mousquetaire touch and culture .

    The end of your answer make me think of another unusual fantasy thing :
    as you pointed out many places around the world at this time were far from fully colonised by europeans .In fact only parts of south and central america aswell as phillipines fully were , with struggle from natives was still pending . In other part of the world it was small manufactures and commercial implantations mostly .And different kingdoms and empires ( be them african , asian or native american ) had both diplomatic relations with european kings and a more or less succefull first foot into gunpowder military use ( restriction on weaponry only showing up by the end of seventeenth to become the rule in eighteen century and end up with colonisation in nineteenth century ) .

    So in a what if aproach , almost all cultures could have taken the upper hand by this time or get to devellop more “modern” aproach ( wich was partialy already the case) or made their own “moon and sun conquest” projects .

  5. I am not sure whether I “get” escarmouche. Someone who is highly rated, an elite soldier, only uses his rating for defending against enemy attacks, but needs to build up his dicepool the same way as a civilian if he wants to attack on his own? Is this really how it works or am I misunderstand info something?i

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