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Crimson Cutlass – Pirate Skirmish Rules

November 3, 2008

 Crimson Cutlass is a set of rules I’m currently working on for Eureka Miniatures, for the new 40mm pirates that Mike Broadbent has designed. As you no doubt remember, Mike did the superb 40mm Musketeers for Eureka.  The rules are inspired by “And One For All”, the Musketeer rules – I’m hoping they will be a “new improved version”. 

Even though I’m  designing them for Mike’s 40mm pirates, Crimson Cutlass will be aplicable to 28mm as well.  “And One For All” seemed to capture  people’s imaginations – I’m hoping Crimson Cutlass will do the same. 

And no, the rules  not related to  the 1989 roleplaying game of the same name 🙂   

Cheers Greg