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Russian Revolution game at Little Wars 2008

July 20, 2008

The game was played with the Toofatlardies’ rules ‘Triumph of the will’.  This allows units to enter the game on blinds and gives players a chance to scout out terrain and opponents before closing for combat.  Our two players took very different approaches to the use of these rules.  David of the White Russian army was keen to try and uncover the downed pilot (the objective for both players).  His small but elite force spread itself very thin in an effort to track down the missing airman. 

On the other side, Bolshevik David was content to adopt a ‘big push’ tactic and hold the ground in the middle of the table.  This tactic was compounded by a small group of partisans that he found loitering around the downed biplane.  These hapless militiamen were no match for the Red conscripts in a fire-fight but it was amusing to see their affect on the entire Bolshevik line.

As fate would have it, the straightforward approach of the Red army succeeded in securing the terrain where the pilot was holed up.  With the Whites spread across the entire table, Red sailors were able to secure their man and begin the foot race back to their deployment zone.  This looked futile as Cossack horsemen began to cut a swathe through the middle of the battlefield.  Red cavalry and infantry alike were mown down as the ex-Czarist cavalrymen closed in on their prey.  In the end however, the sheer numbers of Red conscripts counted against them and the unit was reduced to fewer and fewer men (a function of the game that reflects morale- as a unit loses models so it becomes more difficult for them to perform any useful actions.)

The last hope of the White leader was his elite ‘colour’ unit of ex-officers.  Following in the wake of the Cossack advance, these fanatical fighters got to within charge range of the retreating sailors.  In a game where units are activated randomly, it came down to the last turn of cards to determine who would get to act first.  With the colour unit preparing to wade into combat, it was the Red commissar whose card was first turned over.  He was able to activate the sailors and safely (and bravely) see them off the table.

The game flowed very well from start to end and the fast and simple rules proved easy to pick up for first time gamers.  It was great to be able to put on an exhibition game like this and many thanks must go to Ara, Nic and all the others involved in planning and running the day.  Thanks also to Paul Hewitt for all of his help with miniatures and helping to run the game.